Measuring Liquor - Choose your Weapon

Author: Siobhan Thomson   Date Posted:6 April 2023 



If you measure liquor for a living or you just like to indulge in a wee tipple in your own home, you need to know how to pour an accurate amount of liquor, potentially quickly. 

Come into our showroom or search our online webshop and you will find a number of tools that you can use to measure a precise amount of alcohol. Here we aim to educate you how to use each of the main measuring tools on offer:


1. The Jigger

This tools allows you to pour accurate amounts of alcohol every time. A Jigger ensures consistency with your measuring and means you know the exact amount of alcohol going into each drink you prepare. Standard jiggers feature two conjoining cups, one larger and one smaller, connecting on the closed ends and having different measurements. At BCE we can supply jiggers with the pour measurements of 30/60ml or 15/30ml. We also supply 2 x different styles of jiggers. There is the standard jigger, which you will find in many bars and restaurants throughout New Zealand, or there is the Japanese Jigger, which has a slightly more refinded look to it. Great for those looking for a bit more pizazz. 

    Japenese Jigger                                                                                                     Standard Jigger 


2. The Measured Pourer

This is another great tool for controlling your liquor pour but this one is slightly more engineered, using a ball bearing system to control your liquor pour and measurement. The steel balls act as valves that control the flow of your liquor. The spout is inserted directly into the bottle and does the measuiring for you. On the plus side this allows you to do other things with your free hand, which can be very useful in a hectic bar environment. BCE can supply measured pourers in 15ml or 30ml depending on your preference.


3. The Free Pourer

Free pouring is when you REALLY understand the art of pouring alcohol and can gauge the measurement yourself. Often mixologists who use a free pourer count out their measurement i.e. something they do mentally, a skill that takes time and practice. The Free Pourer allows you to pour you liquor much faster than other tools, and if you are accurate with your measurements you can look incredibly cool using this tool! The downside would be that free pouring can produce inconsistent amounts of alcohol, which may alter the flavor of your drinks and you could end up using more alcohol then intended.


4. The Shot Glass

Last but not least is a normal shot glass. Generally this glass is reserved for shots of spirits that you wish to consume in a single gulp. So ideally it is more of a serving glass, however if you are confident, you can also use this is a measuring tool also for your alcohol. BCE has an array of shot glasses that measure between 30ml or 60ml. 


Each of these tools allow you to control the amount of alcohol you pour into your concoctions. Choose the one that best suits your needs and abilities i.e. the one you feel most confident using. At the end of the day, what really matters when making great drinks that you are remembered for, is following the recipe, and getting the measurements consistently right. These tools will help you do that.

Need help deciding what measuring tool is best for you? Feel free to contact us today, or come and visit us in our showroom where our experts are always more than happy to help. 

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