Makers of the world's best unbreakable drinkware.

Polysafe unbreakable drinkware is tough, long lasting and feels the most like real glass. Designed for heavy use in the hospitality industry, it will last forever. 

The Polysafe range is stylish, lightweight and durable and made from the highest quality food-grade polycarbonate; it’s beautiful to look at and cleverly crafted to provide a strong internal structure that guarantees no cracking or injection bubbles and results in a rigorous long lasting product.

While your guests enjoy drinking from a glass that looks and feels exactly like the real thing, Polysafe shatterproof glasses gives peace of mind. Patrons can’t use them as a weapon; they won’t shatter or break and won’t damage carpet and flooring. Gorgeous to look at, a dream to drink from and a smart choice.

Features of Polysafe unbreakable glasses: Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, crystal finish, largest range, weights and measures certified on relevant glassware. Guaranteed to never crack or split.

Polysafe is superior by design - Polysafe drinkware is constructed from only the highest food grade polycarbonate materials. Polysafe feature heavy bases that are modeled on the real glass equivalent to create the most glass-like plastic drinkware in the world.

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1.0 Ltr Carafe With Lid Polycarbonate


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170ml Bellini Flute Polycarbonate


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176ml Martini Cocktail Glass Polycarbonate


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200ml Bellini Champagne flute Polycarbonate


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200ml Mojito Cocktail glass Polycarbonate


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220ml Batida Highball Polycarbonate


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240ml Colins Tumbler Polycarbonate - Endeavour sty


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250ml Latte Mug Polycarbonate


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30ml Premium Shot


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340ml Margaritra Cocktail glass Polycarbonate


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350ml Pilsner Beer Glass Polycarbonate


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355ml Jasper highball Polycarbonate - Inverness s


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400ml Hurricane Cocktail glass Polycarbonate


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400ml Stemless Wine Glass Polycarbonate


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425ml Conical Beer Polycarb


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425ml Stemmed Beer Glass Polycarbonate


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540ml Beer Stein Polycarbonate