Catering environments are hard on the feet and on footwear, for restaurant service staff, housekeepers or kitchen workers. BCE proudly supplies BIRKENSTOCK and CHEF WORKS chef shoes for busy, kitchen professionals:


Chef’s shoes are an essential part of any respectable chef’s uniform. It's crucial to adequately protect your feet from slippery floor surfaces, hot oil spillages, and sharp objects while staying comfortable.

The Chef Works shoe is created with comfort in mind, it offers orthotic-friendly foot support. It is also puncture and heat resistant. Not to mention environmentally friendly – everything you need to leave you focused on the job at hand.


We offer the Super-Birki and the Profi-Birki . 

The Super Birki PU (polyurethane) clog is a compact shoe made from water-resistant and dirt-repellent polyurethane, and is also oil-and grease-resistant. Its resilience and its hygiene properties make it ideal for kitchens, medical environments, and the food industry. BIRKENSTOCK developed the Profi Birki to offer perfect grip and sure-footedness in almost any work environment. The Profi Birki is a top choice among long-term employees in hospitals, the food industry, and kitchens. 

Smart but rugged catering shoes will pay for themselves over time in terms of their lifespan and the health of your feet, especially when you are on your feet daily in the hospitality and foodservice industry.

Find our more by searching the shoe that is the right fit for you in our selection below: