Stunning crystal and glass produced in Turkey since 1935, Pasabahce is one of the largest glass producers in the world with a reputation for excellence.

The Pasabahce glassware range offers a range of professional glassware for use as commercial glassware or domestic glassware. Most Pasabahce glasses offer a dishwasher safe finish and practical design, making them ideal for use as glassware in the bar, restaurant and cafe environment.

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1.8 Ltr Jug Bistro - ACI204820


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1500ml Jug Timeless by Pasabache (Boxed in 6)


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230ml Martini Glass Timeless by Pasabahce (Boxed i


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250ml Bistro Glass Jug - ACI204799


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250ml Stemless Wine Taster Pure - Pasabahce (Boxed


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270ml Coupe Champagne Glass Timeless by Pasabahce


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290ml Spirit Glass Grande - Sunray (Boxed in 12)


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322mm Glass Cake Cover and Cake Stand


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500mm Bistro Glass Jug - ACI204800


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725ml Cocktail Mixing Jug Timeless by Pasabache (B


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Glass Cake Dome 203mm with Wooden Base, Nude


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Glass Cake Dome 279mm with Wooden Base, Nude


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Glass Cake Dome 340mm with Wooden Base, Nude


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