If you are in business, it is important to stay ahead of your competition. With a Flexirent Lease-To-Own you can put your cash to better use and gain the benefit of owning the latest technology.

A Lease-To-Own agreement is ideal for businesses planning to use equipment for longer than 3 years. It is best suited for technology that retains its value over the term of the agreement. After the last payment is made, ownership transfers to you.

If you will need to update your technology at 3 years or earlier, a Flexirent Operating Lease* agreement may be more suitable for you. *Ask your salesperson for details.

Conserve your cash
There is no deposit… simply make the first monthly lease payment in advance. Put your cash to better use in your business.

Pay for equipment as you use it
Flexirent Lease –To-Own is available on 3, 4 or 5 year terms. Choose the term that suits your monthly budget and spread the lease payments over the productive life of the equipment. The longer the term, the lower the payments.

Increase your purchasing power
The affordable monthly payments enable you to obtain the solution that best suits your business needs. Up to one third of the total cost of your solution can be costs such as software.* Even installation, training and extended warranty can be included in the agreement.

Tax deductible for business use*
With Flexirent Lease –To-Own you can typically claim tax deductions on depreciation and interest.

*Contact your tax advisor for more information.