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Author: Siobhan Thomson   Date Posted:17 February 2021 



SKOPE is currently running a promotion whereby if you buy any natural refrigerant SKOPE model between 1 February - 30 April 2021 you go into a $50,000 prize draw. SKOPE will also plant a tree for every natural refrigerant product sold during the promotional period.

SKOPES eco-friendly products reduce carbon emmissions because they use natural refrigerant, which has zero global warming potential. BUT why should you look at natural refrigerant cooling? Here are 8 reasons why it should be something that you consider:


Eight Reasons to Choose Natural Refrigerant Cooling with SKOPE

Refrigerants are the lifeblood of commercial refrigeration, circulating to keep food and drink chilled.

However, choosing natural refrigerants over synthetics - and a manufacturer who has mastered the technology – makes a big difference to your back pocket and carbon footprint.

Here are 8 reasons to make that choice: 

  1. SKOPE’s unique proprietary compressor designs for natural refrigerant fridges improves energy efficiency by up to 52%.

  2. SKOPE’s core choice of natural refrigerant (R290) has virtually zero impact on global warming* while the synthetic refrigerants used in most commercial fridges are thousands of times more harmful than CO2.

  3. Commercial refrigeration’s adoption of natural refrigerants was delayed in the early years by the fact that they are propane gases. However, there is more propane in a hand-held lighter than there is in a natural refrigerant commercial fridge – helping to make them as safe as any other kind of refrigeration.

  4. As naturally occurring hydrocarbon gases, natural refrigerants are non-ozone-depleting – unlike synthetic refrigerants.

  5. R290’s capacity to absorb heat is nearly 90% higher than its synthetic rivals, which allows for much faster temperature recovery and contributes to its higher energy efficiency. This means after your fridge’s door is closed, the desired temperature is restored super-fast!

  6. As commercial refrigeration has traditionally used synthetic refrigerants, 4% of Australia’s global warming emissions – not to mention 6% of New Zealand’s - can be traced back to commercial fridges**.

  7. Fortunately, this is already changing thanks to the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol – an international agreement to phase out synthetic refrigerants by raising their price while simultaneously lowering the price of natural refrigerants.

  8. Changes to the Greenhouse & Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) for commercial refrigeration in Australia and New Zealand are also pushing the industry to do better, with natural refrigerants an essential part of the mix.  


*All refrigerants are greenhouse gases that have their impact measured on the Global Warming Potential (GWP) scale. The most widely used synthetic refrigerant, R404A, has a GWP of 3922 – meaning it is 3922 times more harmful than the same amount of CO2. R134a, the second most popular, has a GWP of 1430. R290, SKOPE’s core choice of natural refrigerant has a GWP of just 3. **Source: Equipment Energy Efficiency Program (E3) 2020

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